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    Love for fish and water in Ludang
    The publisherczszjs    Release time2021/7/14    Hit2000

     In order to further develop the advantages of Party construction and joint construction, actively build a "emotional man road bridge, people in mind" party construction service brand, and lead the high-quality development of municipal undertakings through Party construction. On June 4, the fourth party branch of the company and the second party branch of Changzhou Municipal Engineering management center held a party construction joint construction activity (as shown in the figure). This is the first joint construction event held after the signing ceremony of the party construction and pairing between the two party branches on June 2.

    Entering the gate of Shajiabang red scenic spot, the first thing to be seen is the inscription of general Ye Fei, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, on the strategic significance of establishing the Shajiabang revolutionary base. In the guide's commentary, we reviewed the extraordinary years that happened on the red land of Shajiabang.
    Further forward, it is a large sculpture created by Guo Jianguang and sister-in-law a - "the New Fourth Army and sister-in-law", who offer flower baskets, bow off their hats, revisit the oath of entering the party in front of the party flag, and take photos with the party flag before sculpture. Beside the sculpture is the solemn and solemn Memorial Hall of Shajiabang revolution history. Under the guidance of the guide, we visited the memorial hall, and we revisited the revolutionary years of "Lushan fire, deep love of fish and water".
    "Set up seven star stove, boil three rivers in bronze pot, set up eight immortal table, entertain 16 sides." Looking forward to the revolutionary classic epic of Jiang Kang, a kind of clang and high passion is surging and burning in everyone's heart. Nowadays, Shajiabang is not only a classic literary work, but also a classic red scenic spot. Shajiabang has become a part of the national collective memory, and Shajiabang has become a symbol of the revolutionary struggle history.
    As the car gradually leaves Shajiabang, we have been deeply moved by the glorious deeds of Anti Japanese army and people, and the common resistance to the enemy. Party members have expressed that they will always bear in mind the party's purpose and revolutionary history, fully understand the party constitution and party rules, serve Changzhou Municipal Public Utilities wholeheartedly, further promote the party's tradition, love the post and work hard and do their own work, Better service for society.

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