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    Our company and Xianda held group building activities
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     Facing the early summer sun, on June 4, two buses full of 65 Youth League members from our company and Xianda company arrived at Yancheng Dafeng dream maze to launch a two-day group building activity of "Celebrating the centennial and promoting the butterfly to become just youth" (as shown in the picture). This activity is jointly organized by the two Youth League organizations. It aims to stimulate the work passion of Youth League members, further enhance the friendship between brother units, strengthen learning and exchange, and promote each other.

    On the first morning, on the lawn of Dafeng dream maze, the humorous coach led us to break the ice and get familiar with each other. Then they were randomly divided into groups, and under the leadership of their respective captains, they worked together to determine the loud team name, slogan and flag, and displayed them.
    What kind of ideological belief the young generation should establish is not only related to themselves, but also to the future of the nation. The Centennial party is young. Young people should not forget their original intention to follow the party. The theme activity of learning "Marxist youth theory" was carried out immediately. To guide the young generation to study the classics and grasp the essence under the guidance of the glory of Marxism, and constantly open up a new era of historical development.
    "Stop at the top of the mountain, stop at the scene", fasten the first button of life, and lay a solid foundation for every life ideal and career development in the future. The vast number of young people should always keep firmly in mind the general secretary Xi Jinping's inculcation, and truly "buckle the first button of life" in daily study, life and work. The Youth League members from the two companies expressed their views on the educational practice of "buckle the first button in their career". They reviewed their professional life, inherited the spirit of the May 4th movement, shouldered the mission of the times, made contributions based on their posts, contributed to the development of the enterprise and realized the value of life.
    In the afternoon, a Go Kart Race with speed and passion began. The young people ran at top speed on the 1.5km long track. The roar of motors, the drift of tires and the screams in the stands kept on. After that, the dream maze, which was recorded in the Guinness World Records, did not stop all the players. The young people worked together to help each other and pass the customs smoothly. In the evening, we held a grand bonfire party. The warm fire flushed everyone's face. The passionate dance and moving voice showed the youth vitality of contemporary youth.
    The next morning, we walked into the bamboo forest of Huanghai forest park. There is such a red base, where we borrow "green" to support "red", inherit red gene and continue red blood; Here "red" with "green", "ten years of trees, a hundred years of people" get a vivid interpretation here. We "forest" distance "forest" breath, feel the passion of life, review the eventful years. In the subsequent team building activities, everyone completed the task at each target point according to the task card. They came from the shop, played table tennis relay, and ate watermelon blindfolded. All the team members finally completed the task excellently relying on team cooperation.
    In the afternoon, a fierce dry land curling competition started. Constantly changing tactics, the last moment of key players to turn the tide of a throw, so that all cheering, screaming constantly. During the competition, everyone was focused and encouraged each other. The result of the competition seemed to be less important. Everyone was immersed in happiness.
    The two-day team building tour is of great significance. It makes us understand responsibility, unity and cooperation, and makes us make more friends. Youth is the future and hope of the nation. As the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China is approaching, we should work hard to make the beautiful youth bloom with brilliant colors of the new era.

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