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    Pursuing red footprints and strengthening faith
    The publisher£ºczszjs    Release time£º2021-07-14    Hit£º3768

     On the eve of the centenary anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the red tour activity of Changzhou Municipal Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. "when the red road is emphasized" was carried out in Hunan, where the red atmosphere is the strongest, the great people's footprints were pursued and the revolutionary spirit of the red was felt.

    This activity was carried out in two groups because of the large number of Party members and did not affect the work. Led by Comrade zhaoxisheng, party secretary, the first group of Party members was 44 on May 13 (as shown in Figure 1); On May 21, the second batch of Party members was 24, with 4 development objects (as shown in Fig. 2). Party members from Changzhou to Changsha, then all the way west, to the hometown of Comrade Mao Zedong and Comrade Liu Shaoqi. Besides enjoying the scenery along the way, more feelings are spiritual. They listen to the fresh revolutionary stories of revolutionary martyrs and move on to the revolutionary spirit they pursue for their ideals and for the revitalization of China.
    The Party committee of the company presented flower baskets before the bronze statues of Chairman Mao Zedong and Chairman Liu Shaoqi respectively. All the party members bowed to the bronze statue three times solemnly and expressed their sadness around for a week. Then, they visited the memorial hall and the former residence of the two presidents.
    In the Bronze Statue Square of Mao Zedong, Party members revisited their vows and held the party flag high in front of the bronze statue, and took photos with the party flag.
    In Changsha, the party members follow the great footprints, from Yuelu Academy to the head of Orange Island, and find them all the way, feeling the great people of a generation who point to Jiangshan and arouse the enthusiasm of writing. In the spring of 1913, Mao Zedong came to Hunan No.1 normal school to study. From then on, under Yuelu Mountain, on the Bank of Xiangjiang River, the head of Orange Island left his great shore. Here, he and a group of enthusiastic young people with the ambition of returning to the country have created Communist organizations, which guided the Chinese people to step by step towards the road of independent revitalization. Before the sculpture of Mao Zedong youth art in Orange Island, all the party members took a photo with the party flag again.
    "Learn history and understand the reason, understand history and practice". With the reverence for martyrs, all the party members carefully watched a piece of cultural relics, felt the struggle course of revolutionary martyrs, and accepted red education and spiritual baptism. On the "Fuxing" EMU returning to Changzhou, Party members have expressed that they will take the forefathers as an example, bear in mind the party members' identity, "do not forget their original heart and remember their mission", and strive tirelessly for Changzhou's municipal construction.

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