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    The company won the prize in the party history knowledge competition of the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau in celebration of the Centennial founding of the party
    The publisher£ºczszjs    Release time£º2021-07-14    Hit£º3850

     In order to further study and implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by general secretary Xi Jinping at the party history study and education mobilization conference, and further deepen the educational effectiveness of the party history study, the Party committee of the company responded positively to the "sensible enhancement of credit and moral integrity" carried out by the Municipal Housing Bureau's Party committee at the occasion of the 100th anniversary coming of the founding party.

    After the preliminary and the resumption of the competition, on June 16, eight teams including our company's representative team stood out and held the final of the event in the auditorium of Changzhou 24 Middle School of Tinian. Zhaoxisheng, Secretary of the Party committee of our company, led some employees to join the competition, and Cao Weisong, the member of the Party committee of the company, led the team to participate. In the course of the competition, after the fierce competition among the three links of the required answer, the snatch answer question and the risk question, our company team won the third prize finally.
    Through this knowledge contest of party history, Party members have strengthened their faith in communism and their belief in building socialism with Chinese characteristics; The masses have enhanced the sense of belonging to the party's red tradition and red gene.

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