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    Seeking Progress in Stability and Technological Innovation
    The publisher£ºczszjs    Release time£º2023-03-24    Hit£º1339

     The year 2022 was a year of fruitful results. The leadership and employees of the pavement branch company unified their ideas, changed their concepts, carried forward the spirit of innovation, pragmatism, and dedication with a high sense of responsibility and a strong sense of mission, and carried out their work in a down-to-earth manner, further standardizing and institutionalizing the work of the branch company, achieving significant development in various businesses, and achieving significant results.

    In 2022, the branch company has successively completed nearly 100 asphalt projects, and completed over 647000 tons of asphalt concrete production and paving throughout the year, with a corresponding industrial output value of over 300 million yuan. In terms of safety, while the leaders and experts of the special inspection on the safety of the general cargo terminal in the New North Zone gave the branch a good evaluation, they also put forward some improvement suggestions. The branch actively rectified the hidden dangers and passed the review by the competent unit. At the end of March, we invited experts to conduct safety training for our employees, and organized a comprehensive safety drill for orderly evacuation and fire fighting after encountering a fire. We conducted practical operations while learning safety knowledge. In June, the branch company invited third-party safety experts to interpret the "New Safety Law" for everyone through safety training, so as to understand and abide by the law. In terms of environmental protection, the branch company has improved the spraying system to make the spraying coverage greater; Strengthen the management of mixture coverage in the storage yard to ensure adequate coverage. In addition, the upgrading and reconstruction of the colored steel tile outer cladding of two asphalt mixing plants is also a key project this year, and is currently under construction.
    In order to ensure the smooth progress of various works, colored steel tile protective nets and spray devices are installed around the asphalt mixture recycled material storage yard; Adding asphalt mixing GLB3000 vehicle walkway smoke control device; Environmental protection and safety transformation of pavement engineering machinery: the paver Volvo 7820 screed is changed from the original liquefied gas heating to electric heating; Eleven construction machines, including dual steel wheel rollers, tire rollers, milling machines, and forklifts, are equipped with emission filtration devices for tail gas emissions, which have passed environmental protection testing and are all up to standard; Four intelligent anti-collision and automatic spraying oil-water mixed sound insulation devices are installed on the tire roller to ensure the safety of road construction personnel.
    The branch company has strengthened and adjusted the work of the laboratory. First of all, further strengthen the connection between rear mixing and front paving of asphalt mixture to achieve data traceability of pavement quality records. During asphalt paving, the laboratory has done a good job in mix design and verification of test instruments and equipment, and conducted management improvements to the laboratory in accordance with the requirements of traffic engineering, including instrument verification, identification correspondence, and preparation of relevant data. The placement and order of instruments and equipment have been adjusted and improved.
    The pavement branch company has made certain achievements in its work in 2022, but we express that we will never be satisfied with the existing achievements. In accordance with the requirements of the economic responsibility system of the group company, the branch company will improve its market competitiveness by optimizing internal management, putting people first, paying close attention to production timeliness and product quality, actively exploring new methods and technologies for production management, comprehensively improving the production level of the pavement branch company, rallying together and seizing the momentum, Strive hard and create a new chapter of development!

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