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    The group company held the fifth congress of employees and trade union members in the fourth session
    The publisherczszjs    Release time2023/3/24    Hit46

     On February 10th, the fourth and fifth employee and union member congress of the group company was grandly held in the conference room on the 4th floor of Building 3, with the chairman of the union, Xiong Bingsheng, presiding over the meeting.

    At the meeting, representatives reviewed and adopted the "2022 Main Work of the Labor Union and 2023 Work Vision", the "2023 Overall Plan for the Economic Responsibility System of the Group Company", the "2022 Review Report on Labor Union Funds", the "2023 Employee Education and Training Plan of the Group Company", and the "2023 Special Collective Agreement on Wages (Draft)".
    Zhao Xisheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, briefed employee representatives on the relevant situation of the Love Award Fund. In 2022, he will subsidize 5 employees with difficulties, totaling 45000 yuan; Subsidize 4 employees with interest-free loans for housing purchase, totaling 800000 yuan. The Group will use the fund to help more employees and adhere to the virtues of solidarity and mutual assistance.
    Chairman Ai Wei congratulated the smooth convening of the fourth and fifth employee and trade union member congress, fully affirmed the achievements of our trade union, and proposed three requirements: first, we will continue to improve the management systems of the enterprise, optimize the economic responsibility system, effectively improve the level of corporate governance capabilities, and strive to build a governance mechanism with accurate positioning, power and responsibility convergence, and effective checks and balances to ensure the development of the enterprise; The second is to build a harmonious labor relationship for the group, continuously improve collective negotiation work, innovate multiple forms and multi-level communication and negotiation mechanisms, truly implement the corporate vision of "making employees happy, satisfying owners, and reassuring the government", and continuously improve the happiness index of the group's employees; Third, I hope that everyone will work with a "sense of post ownership". By practicing the idea of "loving and dedicated, and conscientious", based on their posts, and studying to become talents, the Group will establish the "Bole Award" for talent introduction and recommendation, fully mobilizing the initiative of employees, tapping the potential of talents, enhancing the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the enterprise, and continuously promoting the sustainable development of the enterprise.

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