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    Ensuring Construction Quality and Serving People's Lives
    The publisher£ºczszjs    Release time£º2023-11-28    Hit£º4328

     The renovation of rainwater and sewage pipelines in old residential areas is closely related to the daily life of residents. Therefore, the EPC general contracting project for the second section of the Taicang drainage pipeline network attaches great importance to the construction quality of rainwater and sewage pipelines, establishes and improves relevant systems, actively manages the construction of rainwater and sewage pipelines, and ensures the construction quality of pipeline renovation projects.

    The project department strictly reviews the quality of pipes produced by pipe suppliers, and also requires relevant materials such as production certificates and mechanical inspection reports provided by the relevant quality department. When purchasing engineering pipes, testing data information is one of the important basis for proving the quality of pipes. Before the pipes enter the site, the project department arranges dedicated inspectors to measure the size and wall thickness of the pipes, and inspect the appearance quality to ensure the quality of the rainwater and sewage pipes.
    During the construction process, the technical personnel of the project department carefully follow the construction measurement specifications and regulations to conduct re measurement and protection of the handover piles, in order to ensure the accuracy of the engineering construction; During the construction process, layout shall be carried out according to the burial depth and design position requirements of rainwater and sewage pipelines; In addition, construction personnel carry out construction according to the sample piles, controlling errors within the scope of engineering construction quality management, effectively ensuring the standardization of rainwater and sewage pipeline construction. The project management personnel conscientiously carry out the supervision and inspection of engineering construction quality, ensuring that construction personnel carry out construction according to requirements, preventing various quality hazards that may occur during the construction process, and effectively avoiding repair situations after the project is put into use.
    To ensure the stability of the rainwater and sewage pipelines and foundations in the community, and effectively avoid quality problems during the construction process, the project department requires each team to strictly follow the construction drawings for construction, ensuring the strength and stability of the pipeline foundation from the source. If adverse geological and hydrological conditions are encountered during the construction process, the work team will promptly improve the soil in the construction area, effectively improving the bearing capacity of the foundation trench bottom. If the soil at the bottom of the trench is soaked in water during the construction process, the project management personnel strictly require the team to excavate the soft soil layer, and then use stable materials such as sand or gravel to backfill the area tightly according to the requirements, ensuring the stability of the installation of rainwater and sewage pipelines.
    Good quality management of pipeline renovation in old residential areas is of great significance for ensuring project quality and improving the living standards of residents in the community. The project department actively implements quality management work, ensures the construction quality of the rainwater and sewage pipeline network in the community, improves resident satisfaction and happiness, and has won praise from the owners and residents of the community.

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