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    The group won the bid for the Yanghu Ecological Water Purification Plant Project in Wujin District, Changzhou City
    The publisher£ºczszjs    Release time£º2023-11-28    Hit£º4340

     On August 24th, after fierce competition with fourteen strong units, the group company, relying on reasonable quotations, mature and complete technical solutions, and leading credit score advantages, ultimately won the first place in the public bidding for the municipal engineering general contracting of the Yanghu Ecological Water Purification Plant project in Wujin District, Changzhou City, with a bid price of 409898588.98 yuan, and won the bid in one fell swoop.

    The Yanghu Ecological Water Purification Plant project in Wujin District, Changzhou City is located east of Qingyang South Road, west of Dongsheng Road, south of Shugang Road, and north of Renmin East Road. It is invested and constructed by Jiangsu Dayu Water Affairs Co., Ltd. The total planned construction period is 840 days, of which 720 days have the conditions for water discharge. The land area of the water purification plant is approximately 113549 square meters, with a total design scale of 200000 cubic meters per day. The designed effluent water quality complies with the Class IV water standard in the Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard GB3838-2002. The treatment process of this project is as follows: coarse grid and inlet pump room → fine grid and aeration sedimentation tank → AAO biological reaction tank → secondary sedimentation tank → medium coagulation sedimentation tank → V-shaped filter tank → disinfection tank and reuse pump room → tail water discharged into Dongshengbang; The implementation content mainly includes the construction of coarse grid and inlet pump room, fine grid and aeration sedimentation tank, biological reaction tank, secondary sedimentation tank water distribution well and sludge pump room, secondary sedimentation tank, sand coagulation sedimentation tank, V-shaped filter, disinfection tank and return water room, blower room and 2 # transformer and distribution room, dosing room machine repair workshop, sludge distribution well, sludge lifting pump room and control room, sludge concentration tank, carbon source feeding device, 1 # user transformer room and guard room Control room and inlet instrument room, deodorization device, outdoor pipeline and greening engineering.
    The group company attaches great importance to the project and has made sufficient preparations. After carefully studying the bidding documents, everyone brainstormed and efficiently completed the preparation of the bidding documents. In the process of writing the construction organization design, in order to maximize the competitive advantage of the construction organization design of the group company, everyone cooperated with each other, conducted in-depth on-site discussions and inspections, and conducted a comprehensive investigation of the traffic, environment, and other aspects of the project location. Based on the requirements of the design drawings and construction characteristics, combined with years of bidding experience and current construction technology of our unit, we carefully analyzed the key and difficult parts that exist in the construction process of this project, The Chief Engineer's Office has proposed practical and feasible construction plans, methods, and related measures. Under the meticulous modification, a construction organization design with progressiveness technology, reasonable arrangement, economic practicality and easy operation was presented, and the bidder won the third place in the technical bid among 14 bidders, most of which are state-owned enterprises and central enterprises.
    After winning the bid, the group company immediately arranged for a construction team with rich experience in similar projects to enter the site. The participating personnel quickly entered their roles, carefully organized and deployed, and actively carried out pre construction preparation work in strict accordance with standardized projects. They contacted and coordinated with the owner, design, supervision, and local functional departments, including the construction of material preparation yards, temporary facilities, various pre job training, and land acquisition work, which were also carried out in an orderly manner, laying a solid foundation for the comprehensive commencement of construction; On the other hand, the follow-up work of the Yanghu Ecological Water Purification Plant project is also being carried out without stopping. There are dedicated personnel responsible for signing the project contract, opening a special account for migrant workers' wages, and selecting subcontracting teams to ensure that each task is carried out quickly and efficiently.
    The implementation of the Yanghu Ecological Water Purification Plant in Wujin District, Changzhou City will have a positive promoting effect on the surrounding environment of the water purification plant. By combining water conservancy construction with ecological environment protection, the quality of the surrounding ecological environment will be continuously improved, while driving the development of tourism services, local characteristic industries, and resident employment, injecting new vitality into the high-quality development of Changzhou.
    The winning bid of the group company has laid a more solid foundation for the significant progress of the enterprise in the construction of hydraulic structures, added a significant contribution to the development of the enterprise in 2023, and further consolidated the group's advantages in the construction of Changzhou water plant. The group company will take this bid as an opportunity to lead all employees to carry forward the spirit of being down-to-earth and willing to contribute to the municipal iron army, and continue to make new contributions to Changzhou's deepening of the "532" development strategy and striving to break through the trillion yuan GDP city with practical actions of forging ahead and overcoming difficulties!

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